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Spring Cleaning

Booknotes - single classic

It’s April and we’re finally thawing out.  Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, allergy season is upon us, and we feel compelled to get rid of the clutter in our lives.  Our big issue is paperwork, but we also like to thin our overflowing bookcases.  While parting with books is always bittersweet, we have a method to pass on the love we hold for our books AND keep in touch with friends year-round.

For the books you’ve decided to hold in your hand to savor at every opportunity, when you crack the spine open to the first page, pick a favorite notecard or postcard to use as a bookmark.  When we do this, that card will accompany us on our entire journey through exotic locations (both literally and figuratively), whodunnits and laugh out loud comedies.

When we’re finished we write a note on our card to a favorite friend, pack it up with the book, and wish them both all the best.  It’s a great way to say hello to a dear friend and make room for new books.

Looking for some great books to read and share?  Some of our Favorites:

–          Shadow of the Wind

–          White Teeth

–          The Alchemist

What books should we add to our to-read and share list?