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Launching an Online Paper Boutique. Um, why?


We’re excited to open for business!  But, we have to admit, the responses range from sheer exhilaration about the ability to purchase fine paper goods online, to utter confusion about attempting to revive a pastime beyond resuscitation.

Well, we absolutely LOVE finding quality paper goods with unique visuals and a strong voice.  Just scouring the earth for these finds gets us excited – and if you’re reading this you probably share in our enthusiasm.  But it’s also the use of these paper goods that gets us excited.

When you send a card or letter through the mail, it’s no longer the sum of it’s parts – it’s more than that.  Technically it’s a few ounces of pulp and a bit of ink.  And yet, to the person who receives that piece of mail, it feels like a hug, a high five, a big smile, or a sensuous back rub.  From there, it’s a souvenir from a moment in time, and every time you gaze upon it is like stepping into a time machine.

We get bogged down in the day-to-day mechanics of our lives; sending your friend or family member a tangible piece of yourself builds relationships and can change a person’s world.

So, um, that’s why we’re so excited!  Go ahead and send some paper love to friends and family today: